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Meet The Specialist Advisor

International Festival of Business 2016 invite you to ‘Meet the Specialist Advisor’. An opportunity to book free one to one appointments with industry experts from a host of world-leading organisations, all under one roof.

Each Specialist Advisor represents a different step of the export or business growth journey, providing bespoke advice to help take your business to the next level.

Export Growth

Specialist advice areas range from international market research to export tax, the tender process - including the latest export opportunities - to logistics, finance and legal. There are only 1,000 appointments, available to business club members. Appointments are free and so is registration so register with the Business Club now. Once registered, we will keep you informed of the latest IFB2016 news and you will then be amongst the first to receive a request to register for your choice of one to one appointments.

Summary of advice offered by each IFB2016 Specialist Advisor

Chambers of Commerce

Specialist Advisors will be on hand at IFB2016 to offer advice on export licensing for global markets including Middle East and emerging economies such as South East Asia and Latin America. Guidance with legalisation, EU and Arab certificates of origin, EUR1s and ATRs and market specific product lines in association with Turkey and Egypt. Colleagues will be demonstrating the latest innovative technology around the ATA Carnet, your ‘passport for goods’. Support with accessing accredited BCC training in import/export procedures, export finance, credit insurance, and intellectual property abroad and internationalising your website.

Federation of Small Businesses

Advice and guidance to small business owners including reducing small business risk, setting up a new business and overcoming barriers to running a successful business, increasing your business network including international business network and generalised support over the key aspects of running a successful business.

British Library

 a)     Market research

Offers a comprehensive collection of business advice, including intellectual property, market research reports and up-to-the-minute online business database, markets and business news, as well as patent search.

b)     IP

Experts are on hand to talk you through intellectual property and how to protect your ideas, to carry out patent database searches and to guide you to the resources you need to research your market both in the UK and abroad.


Access to live business opportunities and advice, including an export ‘health check’ to determine if your company is ready to begin exporting or how to identify key markets.  An overview and checklist for new exporters, helping you overcome barriers to UK export.  Help with identifying opportunities and selecting a strategic target market for your products or services and access to market data.  Information on overseas company culture including local regulations and how to obtain an exporting licence.  Also help promoting to customers and to find a business partner overseas. 


Specialist financial advice for growing businesses including finance solutions and M&A. Support with tax services, including corporate tax, employment tax, personal tax and VAT. Financial planning for long-term sustainable growth. Advice on restructuring, employing staff and reducing overheads. Guidance on reducing financial risk including cyber security and fraud.


Overseas experts will share their local knowledge of international banking, overseas markets, economies, insight into the local culture and overcoming the barriers of doing business overseas. Specialists will be available to advise on business lending, trade finance, payments, managing risk and financial planning for successful exporting.


Specialist in international law, advising on commercial contracts and agreements for exporting, International product law, International employment law and Export law and Licensing. Support and guidance with M&A and legal considerations when setting up a Joint Venture. Franchising in the international market and legal considerations when establishing a franchise.

Chartered Institute of Marketing

Independent marketing support, including international marketing advice, effective marketing and communication strategies, marketing mix and the 7 p’s and new techniques of digital marketing. Specialist Advisors, providing ideas, insights and resources to take your business to the next level.

Innovate UK Family

Specialist Advisors with access to an extensive network of contacts to facilitate connecting businesses to key people in relevant organisations…innovators with manufacturers, distributors, co-developers and suppliers overseas. Funding streams, support and connections for innovative businesses, to develop new business ideas, drive business growth and develop innovation. Helping to overcome problems and find new markets. Support to strengthen relationships between science, creativity and business.  Advice covering every sector of the economy, from defence to the creative industries, the built environment to biotechnology. 


Advisors will offer insight on tendering strategy for winning overseas contracts, and show how to identify potential new markets.  Businesses will receive assistance in competing globally via information on a range of live tenders.  These including public sector contracts in the UK and overseas and OJEU (Official Journal of European Union) opportunities.  Guidance on technology which can help businesses avoid misunderstandings caused by communicating in a foreign language.  Support with accessing live commercial contract opportunities to compete in the global market.   

National Centre for Universities and Business

Support for business with research and development, fostering better and easier connections between industry and academia. Enabling businesses to identify potential opportunities for collaboration via researchers, facilities, equipment and funding. Establishing opportunities for universities to find potential research partners; provide a tool where barriers and challenges for industry can be addressed through smart searching and automated brokering; a platform where funding partners – Private Equity Investors, Venture Capitalists, Crowdfunding, charities – can find opportunities.

European Commission

Removing obstacles to European investment, providing visibility and technical assistance to investment projects and making smarter use of new and existing financial resources. European Funding for Strategic Investments. Information on an investment fund which can support infrastructure projects and lending to SMEs, as well as how it can be combined with other sources of EU financing.  Support with the practicalities of applying for funding, including the basic conditions for projects to be eligible for fund support and accessing detailed technical support with proposals.


Comprehensive advice on all aspects of Supply Chain Management, offering insight on the planning, execution, control, and monitoring of logistics activities, including Forecasting and Scheduling, Warehouse Design and Optimisation.  Advice about packing, picking and tracking goods.  How to select the best freight option for deliveries and advice on delivery and proof of delivery.  Advice about the documents required to export and explanation of who is responsible for costs.  Information about packaging & labelling requirements, tariffs & customs and researching specific overseas market documentation.

London Stock Exchange Group

Specialist guidance for businesses looking to grow through an Initial Public Offering (IPO).  Information will cover both AIM, for emerging growth companies, and the Main Market, for more established businesses.  Specialist advice from industry experts, for businesses looking to grow through Market Floatation and information on raising Equity Finance. Information about the Elite Programme which is aimed at ambitious and growing companies, covering the range of challenges faced by businesses, including: strategy, finding talent, acquiring finance and showcasing performance

UK Investment


Advice on all aspects of investing in the UK and/or establishing a business in the UK including the identification of suitable investment opportunities.

Liverpool City Region

As host city for the International Festival for Business, Liverpool City Region advisors will offer advice and information for delegates wishing to learn more about expanding their business within the UK, and into Liverpool City Region in particular.  Specialist investment managers with backgrounds in Creative & Digital, Advanced Manufacturing and Energy & Environment will be available throughout the Festival to talk through the business benefits of locating in Liverpool, from accessing the local pool of talent or finding a new business partner, to building supply chains in the north west of England.


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