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When your business meets the world, great things can happen. For three weeks next summer, IFB2016 offers unrivalled business opportunities.  One of which is the “International Digital Matching Service” an exclusive service to all IFB2016 Business Club Members

Unusually, our service offers a wide ranging, multi matching service to IFB2016 Business Club Members including the following discrete services:-

  • Post your Offers in our digital catalogue and allow our systems the opportunity to match you with a Buyer – Meet The Buyer Service
  • Publish your Requests in our digital catalogue and we will try to find you a source of supply to match your requirements – Meet The Supplier Service
  • Articulate Investment Funding that you might be trying to find and our system will try to put you in touch with the right Investor to suit your needs – Meet The Investor Service

International Digital Matching Service

Finding quality business contacts, for buying, supplying, investing or advising, can be an expensive and time consuming activity.  The IFB2016 Digital Matching Service can help you connect with your targeted contacts at no cost to you.  Our system allows Business Club Members, to browse our Offers – Requests & Specialist Advisor Catalogue and via the IFB2016 Business Club database matches each company profiles with the ultimate goal of facilitating meetings within the festival venue, from June 13th 2016 to the 1st July 2016.  With over 6,000 meetings planned over this three week period, this will be the largest “Meet the Buyer" event in the world in 2016.  

How you can take part? 

If you are not already a member of the Business Club, simply sign up for free of charge, and complete the online form.  To maximise your chances of matching your Offers to Requests within the Business Club you need to have your forms completed by the 29th February 2016 because, in March 2016 we will initiate our digital matchmaking engine which will search for your ideal business contacts within on our database that match your requirements, in part or in full.  You will receive an email, or emails with a detailed profile of any suppliers that meet your needs and that’s when we introduce the team to you!   We will contact you to see if you wish to meet any of these companies and as you might imagine we approach the Buyer or Investor side initially as they have ultimate authority on whether the meeting can go ahead.  When we have obtained the agreement of both parties to the match, we will arrange a meeting for you at the Festival, within our purpose built Future Deals Lounge.   

Benefits of the International Digital Matching Service

  • The service is free

    Most similar services charge.

  • Large number of potential SuppliersDatabase will have 1000’s of potential matches.
  • Worldwide choice - National & International matches, from all sectors are registered on the database.
  • Convenient - Pre-selection, meet the suppliers that you wish to meet.   
  • Maximise use of your valuable time - Potential for a number of meetings in one day at one venue.

Whilst no guarantees can be made that every offer will be matched with at least one match, this free service from IFB2016 comes exclusive to you as an IFB2016 Business Club Member and any “no match” results will be researched to the extent of our teams capacity to recruit the right contact for your business.  

The Digital Matching service will offer real opportunities for you to meet “face to face” with key targeted contacts.  This free and convenient service will be available in March 2016 at  You just have to complete the registration and matching forms, then leave the rest to us!

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