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21 Jun 16


A Liverpool based company has secured business deals that could result in more than £20 million of new business at the International Festival for Business  2016(IFB2016) .

In the opening days of the IFB2016, Abbey Group have secured a deal potentially worth more than £20million with one of China’s largest private banks. The bank was a member of the Chinese delegation from Dalian Jinpu New Area, the province that Liverpool recently signed a memorandum of understanding with.

The deal will involve the Chinese organisation purchasing SECURABLINDS Limited Products produced by Abbey Group in Liverpool and subsequently having them produced under license.

Precision engineering company Abbey Group chose the IFB2016 to promote SECURABLINDS® to a wider audience. Since displaying the product at the International Festival for Business to a wider global audience they have been inundated with interest from companies from around the world.

SECURABLINDS® are manufactured in Abbey Group’s Knowsley plant.

Brian Wilkins, SECURABLINDS® inventor, designer and patent holder was born and bred in Anfield.

The cutting edge protective blinds are custom built and can protect against more than 500kg bomb blasts and provide secure forced entry prevention for windows and doors.

Abbey Group is a rapidly growing company. They are investing £1 million in new equipment and have created 20 new jobs in the past eight weeks.

Brian Wilkins, Chairman and Inventor at SECURABLINDS Limited said: “It’s a great feeling to be able to be in your home city, the city where your product is manufactured, and be able to show it off to a global audience. Liverpool is a gateway to the world thanks to the IFB2016.”

“We have supplied our products to different parts of the world but the IFB2016 has significantly boosted our global profile.

“After signing the memorandum of understanding with Liverpool, the Chinese delegation passed our stand and had an immediate interest in our products. They said they had never seen anything like it, which I would say is an absolute testament to British engineering innovation. From that moment we were in conversation with senior figures at one of the largest private banks in China.

“The IFB2016 has put us in face to face contact with people from around the world. Something that would otherwise involve a lot of time and effort. I can’t begin to emphasise how helpful it is to have a global market in one convention centre. To say that there is potential to secure more than £20 million worth of new deals after the first three days of the IFB2016 is fantastic.

Our technology saves lives and it is great to be able to bring it to a worldwide audience. ”

Ian McCarthy, IFB2016 Festival Director said: “I’m delighted that a Liverpool business is having such a positive response from a truly global audience. SECURABLINDS® potential customer base is very broad and spans multiple sectors. The IFB2016 has helped them to access multiple sectors and multiple geographies all in one place.

“This is a fine example of a Liverpool business bringing their product to the world and is the very essence of what the IFB2016 is all about.”

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