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  • Who can attend?

    Anybody can attend IFB2016. We expect at least 30,000 delegates from businesses of all sizes and governments from around the world. We have a range of business conferences and seminars  and opportunities on offer. We also have a series of festival events that covers business, society, culture, sport and the environment, which will be of interest to a wide range of day visitors. All you have to do, if you want to attend any of our events is join the International Festival for Business Club .

  • How will IFB2016 improve on IFB2014?

    The key difference for 2016 will be focus. The festival will have a much greater focus on international business and will be concentrated into three weeks instead of six. Three sector themes have been specially selected to provide the greatest potential for international businesses: Manufacturing, Energy and Environment and Creative and Digital.

  • How does IFB2016 compare with other festivals?

    The International Festival for Business 2016 has no direct competitors. It is the UK’s only series of business to business events specifically tailored for companies looking to export and develop their business internationally. Whilst not directly comparable, there are a number of other well-known and respected trade events around Europe such as MIPIM, World Chambers Congress Turin and Milan Expo. However, IFB2016 is the biggest event of its kind this year.

  • Who attended IFB2014?

    Companies such as ARUP, Ford, Fujitsu and Siemens and Verizon. As with IFB2014, we are expecting a range of business both large and small to attend the festival, from the Liverpool region as well as the rest of the UK and around the world. All of these businesses will be actively seeking to do deals.

  • Why is Liverpool the host city?

    Liverpool is the perfect business destination. It has good communication and transport networks that make it easily accessible from other parts of the UK and around the world. As a thriving port, it has long established links with trading partners across the globe. Liverpool is a key part of the UK Government’s Northern Powerhouse agenda, which is focused around trade and investment opportunities in the north of England. And Liverpool is a cultural hotbed for music, sport and the performing arts, with something to offer every delegate.

  • How will international businesses find out about IFB2016?

    We will attract international interest and participation in the festival through our international steering group chaired by UKTI, which has a network of more than 140 offices worldwide. We will also work closely with embassies, consulates and chambers of commerce and our international delivery partners to reach out to businesses across the world and promote the festival to as many relevant trade and investment delegations as possible.

  • What are the benefits for Liverpool?

    IFB2016, whilst an international festival, gives the Liverpool City Region and the wider Northern Powerhouse cities an excellent opportunity to showcase themselves. Businesses in and around Liverpool will find it easy to attend the festival and highlight the skills, opportunities and quality of life offered in region so two key benefits are local employment and economic growth.

  • Why attend IFB2016?

    IFB2016 offers an unrivalled range of opportunities for thousands of businesses from 100 countries to network and connect with one another and ultimately, to do deals. Meet Your Future Deal  is the biggest ‘meet the buyer’ event of the year, with access to thousands of buyers, suppliers, investors and technology partners available to business club members.

    Meet the Specialist Advisor will provide expert guidance on business growth and export. Blue Skies and Meet the Expert challenge convention, change the way we think about business, look to the future, inspire and innovate.

    And most things are free. All you have to do is join the International Festival for Business Club for free, attend the festival for free and make the most of the exciting range of events and activities.

  • What are the expected outcomes for IFB2016?

    We are confident that IFB2016 will equal, if not surpass, the incredible achievements of the inaugural festival in 2014, which was attended by delegates from 92 countries, facilitated £280m of investment and trade deals and led to the creation of 10,000 new jobs.

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